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Ian Page


Emily Angus

Office Manager

Eric Young

VP Brand Growth

Isabelle Goodsell

VP Brand Mgmt

Drew Hart

VP Marketplace Ad Mgmt

Ryan Duminy

VP Attribution Ad Mgmt

Sebastian Hargroves

Advertising Data Analyst


VP Staff Morale

The E-commerce game can be a lonely one. There is so much to know, and one can quite easily become overwhelmed and dejected. With so many ways to sell your product - Amazon,, Chewy, Shopify and so on there is just not enough time in your day to manage all!
As with any ambitious endeavor, you cannot succeed alone. It takes collaboration and different points of view and most importantly – lots of resources!
Bullseye Sellers was born in 2017 from the very thing we were trying to solve ourselves – being alone and overwhelmed. Each member of the Bullseye team from the top down has done the Amazon and e-commerce game for many years before starting on this mission to help others. We all know very well how difficult and unsettling it can be. But most importantly we know very well how incredibly profitable and rewarding it can be!
All being total nerds of the game with passions to help others - the mission to begin a one on one, professional consulting company was an easy ensemble to put together.
Since our inception we have helped over 500 private label brands on Amazon,, Chewy and Shopify gain market share, rank and profit I assure you - YOU can win at this game. Especially if you let us lend a hand.
Ian Page - CEO