Millionaire Amazon CEO Series, Ep 11 – Ari & Chelsea Cohen, Amazon sellers and Founders of SoStocked

In this episode we discuss the origin story of power couple, Ari & Chelsea Cohen. As the usual tale goes with uber smart people like Ari & Chelsea, what started with just an idea and just a desire for a new lifestyle ended up rocking the Amazon world forever.

Fast forward less than a decade since being introduced to Amazon FBA, Ari & Chelsea have founded SoStocked, a revolutionary inventory management software for Amazon sellers.

In 2022 SoStocked was acquired by Carbon6 and now has the horsepower of the most powerful software aggregator in the e-commerce landscape.

Ari & Chelsea will surprise you with their deep knowledge of where you are likely losing money. The devil is in the details they say. Nothing is truer than where Amazon is nickel-and-diming FBA sellers. If you want to find out where you’re being potentially frisked by the man – have a listen to this episode!

Check out SoStocked and their free tool page:…

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