Millionaire Amazon CEO Series, Ep 12 – Michael Estey – 8 Figure Seller

In this episode we sit down with the Amazon veteran, Michael Estey.

Michael has launched over private label beauty brands on Amazon personally and dozens more as a consultant.

You would think launching new products on Amazon is impossible with all the competition already taking up real estate but Michael tells us why this is not the case.

He breaks down how to find product trends early by searching social media hashtags and identifying what he described as “white space”.

You do not want to miss the knowledge bombs Michael drops free of charge!

Millionaire Amazon CEO Series, Ep 11 – Ari & Chelsea Cohen, Amazon sellers and Founders of SoStocked

In this episode we discuss the origin story of power couple, Ari & Chelsea Cohen. As the usual tale goes with uber smart people like Ari & Chelsea, what started with just an idea and just a desire for a new lifestyle ended up rocking the Amazon world forever.

Fast forward less than a decade since being introduced to Amazon FBA, Ari & Chelsea have founded SoStocked, a revolutionary inventory management software for Amazon sellers.

In 2022 SoStocked was acquired by Carbon6 and now has the horsepower of the most powerful software aggregator in the e-commerce landscape.

Ari & Chelsea will surprise you with their deep knowledge of where you are likely losing money. The devil is in the details they say. Nothing is truer than where Amazon is nickel-and-diming FBA sellers. If you want to find out where you’re being potentially frisked by the man – have a listen to this episode!

Check out SoStocked and their free tool page:…

Millionaire Amazon CEO Series, Ep 10 – David Ghiyam, Co-Founder of Mary Ruth Organics

In this episode David Ghiyam, Co-Founder & one half of the origin story of Mary Ruth Organics, discusses the mindset aspect of strategy, growth and success.

David and his wife Mary Ruth didn’t reach this unprecedented level of success by accident or any strokes of luck. The success of Mary Ruth Organics is in all part due to their truly extraordinary mind sets.

The Mary Ruth Organics story will inspire you and make you take stalk in how you think and what you tell yourself each and every day. David will change you. All you have to do is listen.

Millionaire Amazon CEO Series, Ep 9 – Brian Kelsey

In this episode Brian Kelsey, 8 figure Amazon seller and marketing consultant, drops what he calls “golden nuggets for our listeners”.

Wisdom comes in all shapes and sizes. In this episode it comes in facts that you need to hear but may make you uncomfortable. Brian discusses what single ingredient made him and his wife successful in growing their own wildly profitable

Amazon brand and why most people will fail on Amazon. This is an episode you do not want to miss. Find out why large brands trust Brian with their marketing strategy. Find out what you need to know to succeed in 2023 and beyond.

Millionaire Amazon CEO Series, Ep 8 – Scott Thomas

In this episode of Millionaire Amazon CEO we are joined by the product development genius, Scott Thomas. Co-Founder of Riftbox, a sporting and outdoors umbrella which carries product lines for both summer and winter sports under the brands Seaview and Wildhorn.

What started less than 10 years ago with one single product on Amazon has built into a multi-brand, 8 figure sporting goods conglomerate that is dominating both winter and summer sporting good on Amazon through incredible attention to quality and unique product design.

Scott will show you why you need to spend more of your focusing on making your products absolutely perfect before coming to market and less time in just launching products and hoping they stick!

Millionaire Amazon CEO Series, Ep 7 – Kevin King

In this episode of Millionaire Amazon CEO we are joined by the omni-present Kevin King. Since entering the FBA space in 2015 Kevin has cemented his flag into the FBA community as a real, honest and no B.S. opinion leader. Not only is he one of the faces of Helium10 but he is a very accomplished private label seller with 5 brands and many more to come.

Kevin drops some knowledge on how email newsletters are coming back and need to be used in e-commerce. He also scares the living s*$t out of us on his predictions with Amazon search.

Give this a listen, if you dare to think in futures!


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Neon Pulse – Started Seller Tools
Super Human

Newsletters Kevin mentions:

• TLDR AI – 225,000 subscribers
• Superhuman AI – 200,000 subscribers
• TheSequence – 160,000 subscribers
• The Rundown – 150,000 subscribers
• Big Brain – 100,000 subscribers
• Ben’s Bites – 90,000 subscribers
• Exponential View – 84,000 subscribers
• The Neuron – 60,000 subscribers
• The AI Valley – 60,000 subscribers
• Alpha Signal – 50,000 subscribers
• Future Tools – 50,000 subscribers
• Not A Bot – 50,000 subscribers

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Millionaire Amazon CEO Series, Ep 6 – Alex Penfold

In this episode of Millionaire Amazon CEO, Alex Penfold talks about how he built Jaxon Lane to a multi-million dollar brand by focusing heavily on making the perfect product, selling it at a premium price and then creating a fever pitch in the market by his masterful PR skills.

Alex focused early on PR marketing and multi-channel marketing. He knew he needed the media on his side and big box stores would soon follow. Jaxon Lane is now a multi-million dollar brand on Amazon and millions more in many high-end department stores throughout the US. You will discover on this episode how you can forge your own path in e-commerce and there is no one size fits all method to succeed.

Alex is living proof that the path to a profitable and successful brand is one’s own terms!

To learn more about Jaxon Lane:

Millionaire Amazon CEO Series, Ep 5 – Brandon Young

Brandon Young has been a staple of the Amazon FBA community now for several years as a successful seller, a leader, a mentor and recently a service provider.

Today Brandon sits at the thrown of several multimillion dollar businesses from Data Dive, a cutting edge Amazon keyword research tool to Seller Systems, one of the top Amazon FBA training programs to being a wildly successful Amazon FBA seller himself with 8 figures of annual revenue on Amazon alone.

What we learn on this episode is how Brandon Young discovered Amazon FBA for himself and how a major setback was a catalyst that took his business to the next level.

Brandon also discusses his passion help others and how it feeds into all areas of his work.

This is a great episode! I hope you all take a listen.

To learn more about Brandon’s tool and Amazon FBA training program:

Millionaire Amazon CEO Series, Ep 4 – Aaron Cordovez, Founder of Zulay Kitchen

In this episode Aaron Cordovez dives into what started only eight years ago with just $5000 on a credit card with just the hope to pay for his daughter’s school tuition, has become one of the top 100 Amazon sellers worldwide with $100M in annual revenue on Amazon alone!

Aaron is fiercely motivated to change the world and that’s drives him to think big and do even bigger! Learn from a man at the top of his game. You may never operate the same again!