Millionaire Amazon CEO Series, Ep 6 – Alex Penfold

In this episode of Millionaire Amazon CEO, Alex Penfold talks about how he built Jaxon Lane to a multi-million dollar brand by focusing heavily on making the perfect product, selling it at a premium price and then creating a fever pitch in the market by his masterful PR skills.

Alex focused early on PR marketing and multi-channel marketing. He knew he needed the media on his side and big box stores would soon follow. Jaxon Lane is now a multi-million dollar brand on Amazon and millions more in many high-end department stores throughout the US. You will discover on this episode how you can forge your own path in e-commerce and there is no one size fits all method to succeed.

Alex is living proof that the path to a profitable and successful brand is one’s own terms!

To learn more about Jaxon Lane:

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