Millionaire Amazon CEO Series, Ep 7 – Kevin King

In this episode of Millionaire Amazon CEO we are joined by the omni-present Kevin King. Since entering the FBA space in 2015 Kevin has cemented his flag into the FBA community as a real, honest and no B.S. opinion leader. Not only is he one of the faces of Helium10 but he is a very accomplished private label seller with 5 brands and many more to come.

Kevin drops some knowledge on how email newsletters are coming back and need to be used in e-commerce. He also scares the living s*$t out of us on his predictions with Amazon search.

Give this a listen, if you dare to think in futures!


Bot Eat Brain
Neon Pulse – Started Seller Tools
Super Human

Newsletters Kevin mentions:

• TLDR AI – 225,000 subscribers
• Superhuman AI – 200,000 subscribers
• TheSequence – 160,000 subscribers
• The Rundown – 150,000 subscribers
• Big Brain – 100,000 subscribers
• Ben’s Bites – 90,000 subscribers
• Exponential View – 84,000 subscribers
• The Neuron – 60,000 subscribers
• The AI Valley – 60,000 subscribers
• Alpha Signal – 50,000 subscribers
• Future Tools – 50,000 subscribers
• Not A Bot – 50,000 subscribers

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